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Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

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The camera with the quality your photos deserve, the EOS Rebel T6 can be ideal for smartphone or digital point-and-shoot camera users looking to step up their imaging game. It's equipped with an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS image sensor and the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor for highly detailed, vibrant photos and videos even in low light. Whether you're out on an adventure hike or snapping candids of your friends during a late night out, the EOS Rebel T6 can help you take photos you'll want to show off. Built-in Wi-Fi®* and NFC** connectivity make it easy to share, print, or get your favorite pictures up on select social media sites for your friends, family and the world to see. If you're new to DSLRs, Scene Intelligent Auto mode can conveniently and automatically adjust the camera's settings to suit your subject. Easy to use and simple to share with, the EOS Rebel T6 delivers high image quality that's sure to catch the audience's eye.

What does stepping-up to a digital SLR bring me that I can’t get with a smartphone? Vastly superior imaging sensor

The 18 million pixel CMOS sensor in the EOS Rebel T6 is about 25 times the size* of the sensor in many smartphones. You may look at a smartphone’s specs and see pixel resolution numbers approaching or even exceeding the Rebel T6’s 18 million pixels. But with each pixel much larger than a smartphone’s, the digital SLR’s light gathering capability, and ability to record good detail in bright areas and shadows, are absolutely better.

Markedly better low-light shooting capability

Not every picture the casual shooter takes is in daylight, or with flash. The ability to record great images in low-light, without flash, is where the digital SLR truly shows the benefits of that large imaging sensor. This can be true whether the image is a darkened city street scene, or action shots at an indoor sporting event.

Telephoto lens capability

This is an enormous area of potential that’s opened up when users turn to a digital SLR camera. As compact and convenient as smartphones are, their lenses usually are fixed at a semi wide-angle setting (OK for small groups of people, much less than OK when you want to zero-in on a distant subject). No “digital zooming” is required with an EOS Rebel T6 to bring in more distant subjects, or to take powerful images of your kids playing sports. The Rebel T6 offers full access to Canon’s EF and EF-S lens system — the world’s largest, with over 70 interchangeable lens choices.

Easy to pleasantly blur backgrounds

Compare the two shots below — one taken with the Rebel T6 at 50mm (right), with the lens at f/4, and the other with a popular smartphone at its semi wide-angle setting (left). The slight tele perspective and blurred background in the Rebel T6 shot combine for a pleasant portrait, while the smartphone image really looks like a snapshot. And it’s no accident that the skin tones in the DSLR shot, as well as the rendering of shadows, are markedly superior to what a smartphone can produce.

Photographic control whenever you want it

The EOS Rebel T6 has virtually all the same shooting modes and features as Canon’s sophisticated, high-end DSLRs. So while first-time users will frequently use the camera in the full-auto “green zone” mode, it’s easy to dial in the shooting control and even picture effects you want… without having to download and access separate “apps.” Any form of operation from fully automatic to complete manual control is right on the camera’s Mode Dial. If you, or someone you know, enjoys shooting pictures, these features and their imaging potential are strong reasons to consider stepping up from a smartphone and moving into a digital SLR.

18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor

The EOS Rebel T6 camera has an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor that captures images with outstanding clarity and tonal range, and can offer enough resolution for big enlargements or crops – your photos can be printed and framed without having to worry about reducing the image quality. This sensor is APS-C size for an effective 1.6x field of view (compared to 35mm format) and features many advanced Canon technologies that maximize each pixel's light gathering, helping to ensure images are captured beautifully and brilliantly.

ISO 100-6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for shooting from bright light to low light.

With a broad range of light sensitivity ratings from ISO 100–6400 (expandable to H: 12800), the EOS Rebel T6 camera is ready to go in virtually any light, capturing fine detail with ease. Thanks to this expanded ISO range, it can capture a variety of subjects in a variety of situations, including handheld, without needing a flash. This means detailed and natural-looking pictures and movies can be captured discreetly, with ease.

Built-in Wi-Fi® Technology

The EOS Rebel T6 camera offers a number of easy solutions for sharing. It's equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity to help make wireless functions incredibly easy and convenient. Using Wi-Fi® and Canon's free Camera Connect app, the EOS Rebel T6 can connect to a number of compatible devices - including smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi® enabled Canon cameras, and Wi-Fi® equipped printers. You can share photos and videos between cameras, browse photos and videos, print images for friends and family, or post them to select social media sites.

Large, 3.0-inch LCD monitor with 920,000 dots shows fine details and provides easy viewing

The EOS Rebel T6 camera has a large, bright 3.0-inch LCD monitor that can be ideal for composing and capturing amazing images, as well as showing them off to friends and family. The large display has high resolution with 920,000 dots and a wide viewing angle of 170°. It works wonderfully for Live View composition or viewing camera settings like AF, ISO, metering, AF point selection and flash options.

Full HD Movie mode for easy-to-use video capture

The EOS Rebel T6 camera offers easy-to-use video capture with breathtaking Full HD quality. Capable of shooting in a number of recording sizes and frame rates, the EOS Rebel T6 offers outstanding video capturing performance, quality and simplicity – simply press the dedicated Live View/Movie Recording button to get started. Additionally, the EOS Rebel T6 enables easy manual control of exposure, focus and Live View features and even allows for in-camera editing. A wide ISO range means you can record in a variety of lighting situations. And with a wealth of over 60 interchangeable lenses available to choose from, your video has plenty of creative options.

Continuous shooting up to 3.0 fps to capture action shots

The EOS Rebel T6 is a fast camera, capturing up to 3.0 fps (frames per second) until the card is full, or for up to approximately 6 RAW files. Whether capturing the action on the soccer field or waiting for the right expression on someone’s face, the EOS Rebel T6 delivers intuitive, speedy operation for a great shot. With near-instant startup, speedy AF and virtually no shutter lag, the EOS Rebel T6 will help you capture the action, when you want.

Compatible with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S lenses

The EOS Rebel T6 camera is compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF and EF-S lineup. Unlocking a new world of possibilities, these lenses range from ultra-wide angle for grand, scenic landscapes, to super telephoto which can help you capture sports, wildlife and more from afar. Each Canon lens employs advanced optical expertise and micron-precision engineering to help deliver phenomenal performance in virtually all facets of the photographic process. Numerous lenses feature Canon's sophisticated Optical Image Stabilizer technology to minimize the effect of camera shake. Through Canon lenses, photographers can truly maximize the quality and liberating performance of the EOS Rebel T6.


18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
DIGIC 4+ Image Processor
3.0" 920k-Dot LCD Monitor
Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
9-Point AF with Center Cross-Type Point
Extended ISO 12800, 3 fps Shooting
Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC
Scene Intelligent Auto Mode
Basic+ and Creative Auto Modes


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