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Canon Video Class

About The Class

In a brief period of time, HD video capability has exploded into the digital SLR world, adding impressive imaging capabilities to today's Canon EOS SLR cameras. If you are a first-time SLR user, or a long-time SLR enthusiast who has shot still images for years, and wonder how to really begin to use these new features to expand your image-making, Canon's newest two-hour EOS Discovery Day class may be just what you're looking for.

What You'll Learn

- Understand the foundation of video camera operations.
- Discover how the video process works from pre-visualizing before shooting through editing and creating a finished product that's ready for anything from the web to a high-definition DVD disk.
- Learn the different camera settings and their impact of video such as frames per second, different resolution choices and even discuss optimum memory cards for video use.
Unlock your visual potential between you and your Canon EOS Camera with The World of HD Video with EOS digital SLRs. Attendees will receive at no extra cost a printed 77-page guide, covering the material we'll discuss in this two-hour presentation.

About The Instructor: David Coy

After starting in the professional photography industry in 2005, David is now a Canon Camera Product Educator based in Texas with primary responsibilities in the south central U.S.A. territory. He teaches consumers and professionals about photography with Canon cameras for Discovery Day classes and workshops.

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