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Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit

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Location shooting is famously unpredictable, so it’s important to be quick on your feet and fast to adapt. With the versatile, portable and battery-powered Profoto B2 with TTL and HSS you become mobile and always stay one step ahead of the action.

Quick to set up. Easy to use.

Profoto doesn’t do complicated. The B2 is a light with few simple, intuitive controls and a large easy-to-read LED display. So instead of fiddling with sub menus or user manuals, you can focus on being creative. And setting up takes seconds. Sometimes less is more.

Capture the moment in perfect light with AirTTL

Finding the right exposure first time can be a challenge when time is limited or the light is constantly changing. AirTTL automatically finds it for you - so all you need to do is point and shoot. Alternatively, you can switch to manual mode, keep your previous TTL settings and fine tune the exposure until you achieve exactly the look and feel you want. And with Air Remote you can wirelessly trigger your lights at the click of a button up to a range of 300 m (1000 ft.) in direct sunlight.

Shape light in broad daylight with HSS

With Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) it doesn’t matter how bright the sun shines. It enables you to use your flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s. So you can overpower the sun and shape your light even with large apertures in broad daylight.

Battery power you can rely on

Don’t worry about losing power at a vital moment – B2’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 215 flashes at full power and tens of thousands at lowest power. And it recharges in no time.

Powerful enough to light the scene

Whether you’re shooting in the bright sun or low light, B2 offers you both power and precise control with 250Ws over a 9 f-stop power range. And it’s 5 times as powerful as the average speedlight, so you’ve always got plenty of power.

Fast enough to capture the action

No need to miss that perfect moment. With a speed of up to 20 flashes per second, short flash duration of 1/15,000s and fast recycling time of 0.05-1.35s, you’ll always be able to keep up with both the action and your camera.

Delivers superior control light quality

B2’s built-in reflector creates a wide, even light spread and keeps the size of the head very compact and safely protected. Its strong 9W LED modeling light enables you to preview your shot and evaluate how light and shadows falls on the subject.

Explore your light shaping potential

Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. With the B2 it’s easy to take your creativity to the next level with our dedicated range of portable, lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools. Easy to set up or pack away, our range includes softboxes, beauty dishes, hard reflectors, grids, gels, barndoors and a snoot. And you can also choose from over 120 other light shaping tools to create any light you can imagine.

  • 1x B2 250 AirTTL Battery Pack
  • 2x Li-Ion Batteries
  • 2x B2 Off-Camera Flash Heads
  • 1x Battery Charger
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