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Promaster Axis Mobile Stabilizer

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Videos from your phone look their best when they are as steady as possible. The PROMASTER AXIS is your solution to eliminate the shake. This compact motorized stabilizer works with your phone to create smooth video footage. An internal rechargeable battery powers the Axis for hours. It can even recharge your phone's battery in a pinch! Whether or not you have a protective case on your phone, the Axis connects securely in just seconds. Its compact size means you can take it everywhere and record the best video memories of once in a lifetime events.


• Connects to most phones with or without a protective case
• Silent operation so you also get the best audio
• Built-in rechargeable battery runs for up to 8 hours of video
• Can serve as a 'power bank' by recharging your phone's internal battery
• Mounts anywhere via the built-in tripod mount
• Dust and light splash resistant to IP54 standards


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