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ProMaster Light Wand Handheld Portable Light

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The ProMaster Light Wand creates a soft, smooth, wraparound light that works great as a stand alone or when mixed with an existing lighting setup. It can be used to create a new and unique lighting look in all your images, from portraits to small products. The Light Wand’s rotating turret also allows the shooter to quickly change from daylight balanced to warm, tungsten light. The Light Wand can run from the AC power adapter or from its internal battery, making it extremely portable and versatile.

Tech Specs

• Rotating diffuser quickly changes from daylight to warm, tungsten balanced light
• Removable battery
• Convenient ¼-20 mount in base for tripod or light stand placement
• Sturdy aluminum housing
• Controllable light output
• Highly portable – can be used in studio or in the field
• Wirelessly controllable with included remote

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