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Promaster RL100 LED Macro Ring Light

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The ProMaster RL-100 Macro LED Ringflash uses super bright LED's to accomplish increased light output, more working distance between the camera and subject, and greater depth of field in your photographs. This highly versatile light functions as a flash and a constant light. Usable for both macro and portrait photography, the RL100 give you excellent control of light intensity and direction (left and right sides can be turned on and off). It is highly efficient so you can work for extended periods on a single set of batteries.

perfect for Macro photography

Using a ring light mounted to your lens helps to eliminate shadows and provide even, consistent illumination.

Multiple Rings

The light comes complete with 8 different mounting rings to fit most lenses and 4 different interchangeable diffusers.

  • A Flash and Constant Light in one unit
  • Limits Camera Shake
  • Incorporates super bright LED technology
  • Includes diffusion rings to warm or cool the color temperature
  • Flash includes mounting rings for lenses with filter threads of 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, and 77

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