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Westcott D5 Daylight 2-Light Video Blog Kit

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Take your video blogging to the next level with the D5 Video Blogging Kit. This kit includes everything vloggers need to create professional-quality lighting. Suitable for all types of video and photography use. The continuous D5 lights produce a beautiful daylight-balanced light source and are shipped with 10 flicker-free fluorescent bulbs. With nearly 3000 Watts of output, this kit creates the bright, high-quality illumination needed for video, even when using a webcam. 5 switches on the back of the D5 light head allow for exact output control and the D5's built-in tilter bracket allows for exact positioning on the included light stands. Included rectangular D5 softboxes allow users to control the direction of light output and soften their light source. This Video Blogging Kit also includes the easy-to-use x-Drop Backdrop and Frame. The x-Drop Frame features telescoping arms and a lightweight design, allowing for compact storage and setup in confined spaces. The 5' x 7' White x-Drop Backdrop features a thick, wrinkle-resistant fabric that can be machine washed. This high-quality material allows for simple lighting and a high-key appearance in front of the camera.

Capture Quality and Professional Videos

Take your video blogging to the next level with the D5 Video Blogging Kit. This kit’s affordable and ultra-versatile design is suitable for all types of video and photography use.

Everything You Need

This complete kit includes 2 D5 light heads, 2 custom 24x32-inch D5 softboxes, 10 27-watt daylight-fluorescent lamps, and 2 durable 6' light stands. Pair this easy-to-use lighting set-up with the included high-key X-Drop Backdrop and Frame.

Meet the X-Drop

Weighing under 3 pounds, the X-Drop Backdrop Stand is the lightest available on the market. It features a telescopic frame with a limited footprint, allowing for placement in even the smallest studios and locations.

Instant Setup

The X-Drop’s telescopic frame expands to 5’ x 7’ and locks into place. The included backdrop attaches to the X-Drop’s hooks via built-in grommets.

Powerful Constant Lighting System

The D5 features 5 ceramic light sockets placed evenly across the unit. Each of these high-quality sockets can support a daylight-balanced lamp up to 85 watts.

Precise Power Control

For the ultimate power control, the Basics D5 features 5 power switches located on the rear of the lighthead. Each of these switches controls a single lamp and is complete with a power indicator.

Built for Convenience

When placed out-of-reach, an in-line cord switch is accessible for convenient control. This cord is 13' in length for effortless placement and adjustments.

Compact Housing

The D5’s 5 ceramic sockets are housed in an ultra-compact and durable nylon shell that is both UL and CE certified for safety. This light head features a standard umbrella receptacle as well, for even more modification options.


For video blogging, web conferencing, and photography
Powerful, complete 2-light kit
Five switches control power on each D5
1000 watt output
Beautiful, daylight-balanced lamps
X-Drop and D5 softboxes feature quick setup
Compact storage
CE certified for safety


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