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Westcott D5 Daylight 3-Light Softbox Kit with Case

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Meet the Westcott Basics D5, a powerful daylight-balanced continuous light source. The D5 features 5 heat-resistant ceramic sockets for use with 5 daylight fluorescent lamps up to 50-watts each. The D5 is housed in a durable yet lightweight nylon head and is both CE and UL certified for safety. This housing features 5 power switches that control each lamp for the ultimate in output control. When placed out of reach, the D5 has an in-line cord switch for quick adjustments. Built on a tilter bracket, the Westcott Basics D5 is designed with a comfortable handle for effortless positioning. The D5's tilter bracket fits on virtually all light stands and has a built-in umbrella receptacle. This complete kit includes 2 D5 light heads, 2 custom 32" D5 octabox modifiers, 10 27-watt daylight-fluorescent lamps, and 2 durable 6' light stands. D5 octaboxes feature a reflective silver interior for maximized output and heat-resistant rods that mount exclusively to the D5's built-in rod receptacles. This cost-effective 270-watt kit is perfect for portraiture and creates stunning catchlights in the eyes. With it's compact design, this kit allows for quick setup in home studios or small spaces.

Complete Cost-Effective Studio Lighting SetuP

Meet the complete 3-light portrait lighting setup that doesn’t cost a fortune. This complete studio kit includes 3 D5 light heads, a custom D5 24x32-inch softbox, 32-inch octabox, 16x40-inch stripbank, 15 27-watt daylight-fluorescent lamps, and 3 durable 6' light stands.

Powerful Constant Lighting System

The D5 features 5 ceramic light sockets placed evenly across the unit. Each of these high-quality sockets can support a daylight-balanced lamp up to 85 watts.

Precise Power Control

For the ultimate power control, the Basics D5 features 5 power switches located on the rear of the lighthead. Each of these switches controls a single lamp and is complete with a power indicator.

Built for Convenience

When placed out-of-reach, an in-line cord switch is accessible for convenient control. This cord is 13' in length for effortless placement and adjustments.

Compact Housing

The D5’s 5 ceramic sockets are housed in an ultra-compact and durable nylon shell that is both UL and CE certified for safety. This light head features a standard umbrella receptacle as well, for even more modification options.


Complete continuous daylight kit
Includes light heads, lamps, softboxes, and stands
High-quality, UL-Certified ceramic sockets
CE certified for safety
Compact and lightweight housing
5 switches control each lamp
Built-in D5 softbox receptacles
Softboxes with reflective interiors
Heat resistant rods and fabrics

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