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Westcott Portrait Workshop: Lighting The Face

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Join Ruben Dario Cruz as he walks you through creating common lighting patterns for the face used in Professional Portrait work. Ruben will use the Westcott D5 lighting kits utilizing one, two and three light set ups demonstrating simple and affective methods for producing pleasing and striking portraiture.

Topics To Be Covered

• Light placement in relation to the subject
• Metering light
• Quality of light
• Soft boxes and modifiers
• Lighting patterns

About The Instructor

Ruben Dario Cruz has been passionate about photography for over 25 years. He has worked as an event photographer for both Jovon and Avidon Studios in New York where he specialized in event photography. As an Adjunct Professor at N.Y. I. T he grew a love for sharing his knowledge in photography. Currently for The F.J Westcott Company he travels across the Western United States providing guidance on lighting products and applications.

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